I am a proud new homeowner of a little Mediterranean style house in the hills of Oakland along with my husband Chris who is a nurse and our three fur babes. Chris doubles as my photo assistant whenever he is available, I began training him during the height of Covid to keep weddings safe and we realized how much we love working together so we keep it going as much as we can. We have one adorable Klee Kai dog named Zoe who has all the energy in the world. We also have two black cats, Samura who is our little tripod cat, and Onyx who is our forever hungry cat. I also freelance as a commercial photo assistant which keeps me on my toes, I love pre-lighting and being on set. With that being said my heart is in shooting. My photography style? It’s intimate, passionate and truly authentic. It’s those little moments when you think no one is watching. My favorite is uncontrolled laughter, I’m always looking to have a good time with my clients. I promise to make it easy for you. Let’s keep it simple but full of passion and real. Sometimes I use lights, sometimes I keep it natural. Every wedding or session is different and I’ll always promise to create inspired images you’ll treasure forever.

I'm Amani Wade

An artistically infused lifestyle photographer serving independent and modern clients throughout the Bay Area and then some.

my deepest darkest secrets

The country I am dying to get back to is ____________.

One day I'd love to have dinner with ________________ because she's a badass, nuff said. 

Want to win me over? Buy me  __________ and we'll be friends for life!


Janelle Monae


i got skills on skills on skills.

KOSA Arts - 2016 - Photographer 
• Clark Hsiao - 2017 - Kaiser CEO
• Clayton Cotterelle - 2017  - Oculus
• Cody Pickens - 2017 - 2018 - Google, Silicon Valley Magazine, Biztech Magazine, USC Alumni Mag, Fortune Magazine, Smart Suits, Science Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine
• Maren Graham - 2017 Levis's
• Ryan Young - 2017 - 2019 Hollywood Reporter, NYT, ESPN
• Victor Wang - 2017 Auster Fitness
• Amanda Hibbert - 2018 - 2021 John Masters Organics, Levi's
• Brandon McGanty - 2018 - 2020 Sales Force, DesignThis!, Gymboree, Plantronics, Chateau Montelena, McFadden Farm, ZoomRoom
• Dominic DiSaia - 2018 Body Armor
• Dylan Coulter - 2018 ESPN 
• Eric Krangle - 2018 Party City 
• Jack Hutch - 2018 AEye
• Jamel Toppins - 2018 - 2020 Forbes 
• John Johnson - 2018-2019 Athleta, ZICO 
• Benjamin MulHolland - 2018 Lake Merritt Monster Movie - Assistant Gaffer
• Nathan Bolster - 2018 Menlo Park Schools 
Stitch Fix - 2018-2020
• Tawni Bannister - 2018 NY Billboard Awards
• Ted Thomas - 2018 - 2021, McEvoy Farms, Saffron Marigold 
• Aubrie Pick - 2019 Jeff Schlarb & Barry’s Castro, Topo Chico
• Austin Hargrave, 2019 - Asana
• Cayce Clifford - 2019 Audubon Magazine
• Dani & Jordan Lutes - 2019 Athleta 
• Erin Lubin - 2019 Opportune 
• Go Atticus - 2019 - Olympics 2020
Planet Home - 2019 - Photographer 
Gear: Canon, Nikon, Sony, ProPhoto, BronColor, AlienBees 
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, CaptureOne [basic D.T. skills, not advanced] 

 Commercial Photo Assistant History - unless stated otherwise