As your engagement photographer I will guide you through an adventure. I love to walk and talk, getting to know who you are while capturing real loving moments between you. I am all about keeping the vibe low pressure reminding you, my client, that this is all about you and we are all here to have a good time. We are taking photos to remember this moment, be yourself and show me your love language, mine is quality time.

Like Beyonce, but

With an "F" 






My first goal during your session is to make sure you are comfortable. You will get some creative direction from me, but the best images come from when you are being your natural. During our shoot, I will help you capture the best lighting, but I also love to step back and let you shine like the star you are.


Who doesn’t love instant gratification these days? While you wait for the bulk of your gallery I will send you some teasers to hold you over! Then I will get to work culling your photos in preparation for your gallery. 


Photography is an art, so it takes a little bit of time for me to get your photos just right. After I work my editing magic, which is only met to enhance the beauty that is captured by my lens, I will deliver finalized polished photos straight to your inbox!

2.5 Hours
1 Assistant
2 Wardrobe Looks, 2 Locations
Private Online Gallery 
Delivery of 125-150 Basic Images  
Delivery of up to 30 Images - Premium Images
Print Option: 30 page 8x8 Engagement Album

1 Hour
1 Wardrobe Look, 1 Location
Private Online Gallery
Delivery of 50-60 Basic Images
Delivery of 10 Premium Images 
Print Options: 2 11x14 Prints or 1 16x20 print or 1 Mini Album

2 Hours
2 Wardrobe looks, 2 Locations
Private Online Gallery 
Delivery of 100-120 Basic Images
Delivery of 20 Premium Images 
Print Options: 2 11x14 Prints or 1 16x20 print or 1 Mini Album

3 Hours
1 Assistant
3 Wardrobe Looks, 3 Locations
Private Online Gallery 
Delivery of 150-275 Images - Basic Images 
Delivery of up to 40 Images - Premium Images 
Print Option: 30 Page 12x12 Engagement Album or 2 Large Custom Prints


commonly asked questions

What should we wear to our engagement session?

All of my couples who are doing an engagement session with me receive an engagement get ready guide where I go over a bit of outfit color theory and help you guys figure out which colors/clothing will best suit your environment. 

Sounds great, but how much?

Engagement sessions start at $500 and go up from there depending on your needs. 

I love my photos! What if I want to add more selections to my Premium Edits?

No problem! Each additional image is $75 with your collection. If you want to purchase more than a couple lets talk and we can work out a bulk rate.

Where will we change our clothes?

Most of my clients change their clothes either in their car or a nearby open public restroom. NOTE: Please do not plan to carry around a bag with your second outfit in it. We will plan to be back to your vehicle 1/2 way through the session for you to grab your clothes and change. If you carry around a bag of stuff, it gets troublesome to pick up, put down, pick up, put down….

Can I get my photos ahead of your standard turn around time? 

The starting cost of a rush order is $100 and you can expect your images within 3-5 business days of your order date.

Should I get hair and makeup done? 

This is absolutely up to you, but highly suggested. Makeup should always be worn heavier than your day-to-day makeup, as it takes more to “show up” in photos. Your engagement photos may be a great time to work with your preferred wedding-day makeup artist for a trial run.

What if the weather isn't looking good? 

My preferred weather is: ALL OF IT! I pride myself on being able to work in a wide range of light environments. Overcast is not “better for photographers”, as you’ll often hear. That said, I have worked on many overcast days with beautiful results.

Overcast Days: If the weather is overcast, you have the option to reschedule once in hopes of sun.

Rainy Days: Not to worry! If it rains for your session we have two options:1) Reschedule. We can find another date in the near future that would work for the both of us. This is a good idea if you’re looking for a certain vibe and the weather is just not cooperating. 2) Shoot at a couple of places I like that work with the rain. Of course, we don’t really know what the weather will look like until close to the date of the session, so we will stay in touch as the date nears if the weather looks variable. Reschedule dates are based on calendar availability at the time of rescheduling, and may or may not be in the same “season” as the originally scheduled date. This is particularly of interest if you’re in search of spring blossoms or fall foliage.

Do you have any posing tips? 

First of all, it’s perfectly acceptable to not know “exactly what to do”. Relax. Take a sec to breathe while you remember why your there. Engagement sessions are supposed to be fun! Act natural. Joke with each other. Use loving pet names. Play together. Kiss, hug. Natural body language translates extremely well in pictures. Being tense and uncomfortable translates just as well. If your ever uncomfortable, LET ME KNOW! We will stop and make a new plan that everyone is okay with. 

You will get some direction, but do what feels most natural. I will help you with where to stand, which light is best, and how to hold each other. The main things to know are:
• Stand close
• Belly buttons together when facing each other
• When you kiss, keep it light and gentle
• Look through some of my engagement galleries to get a feel for my posing style
• Practice your favorite poses together, keep it light and fun

Do you have location suggestions?

When planning your engagement session or wedding photos, location is important. The Bay Area offers so many beautiful locations, all featuring different views, scenery, and vibes. Timing is always important when scheduling your session. The sun “sets” earlier in the city and hilly areas due to the tall buildings/mountains and some locations are truly most beautiful in the spring or autumn. I can always help with any questions you have about certain locations, and I am happy to make suggestions from my list. Locations 15miles or more outside of Oakland will incur travel fees. 

Do we have the rights to print our images? 

Yes! Any print sized images you purchased can be printed with and all images can be used for web. You have full digital rights to print for your images. This means you can make prints, order prints, wallpaper your home in your images! We retain copyright so that they can be used in marketing and print.

Are the images watermarked? 
No. I ask for photo credit when posted online or on social media, please.

Are there any rules for sharing on social media? 
When sharing images online please provide proper photo credit:
Amani Photography 


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