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March 1, 2021

What Does Your Engagement Language Look Like?

Let’s admit it; while we might always be yapping about how much we are grateful to be alive and to have peace of mind and how that’s all that really matters, life can get really dull and boring sometimes if we go for too long without something to excite and fire us up every once in a while.

Parties are one of the things that really stir up excitement and ecstasy in us cause then we are able to go all crazy together we the people that we love. We get to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about anything else.

And while we might host and attend several parties across the length of our lives, there’s one party that is always the biggest of them all. Can you guess it? Naah, not birthday parties. Those happen way too frequently to be considered special. They don’t cost that much or require a lot of planning to go into them. And plus your best friend can miss them and not even feel sorry and no one would give a shit.

I’m talking about weddings! Those really are the biggest parties we ever do have in our lives! This is because they are once in a lifetime events, take and cost a lot to plan and you are likely to get mad even at an enemy for missing yours. Weddings are special as we get to solemnize our love with our partners in the presence of the people that care about us and hold us dear. We therefore always go out of our way and do everything within our abilities to make them the best day our lives.

Since weddings are colossal and very important events, there are a series of other smaller events in the build up to the main show that play an integral role in ensuring that the climax is phenomenal. The engagement of the couples is one of these events. While they are not the main event, engagements are special occasions in their own right and so couples spare no effort in making them as glamorous and splendid as they possibly can.

And that’s where the real work comes in. Your engagement photos are what will immortalize those ethereal, fleeting moments of love and affection and so they have to be the epitome of artful elegance and style. To achieve this, both the couple and the photographer have to work in concert and both parties have to do their parts and do them well. Otherwise things won’t come out right, and someone is going to blame another. And we are gonna have a problem, something we don’t want to have.

The couple therefore has to pick the best outfits that will not only express their individualities tastefully but also blend well and fit into the overall theme of the entire engagement and wedding concept. This is what makes the choice of colours very crucial as they are the ones that will ensure congeniality between the scenery of the location where the photos will be taken and the dressing of the couple and other people that will be part of the photoshoot.

To achieve maximum aesthetic appeal from your engagement outfit, it’s important to mix and match different colours and choose combinations that blend and complement each other. This is however a tricky and delicate thing to do and therefore requires that you take a creative but thorough approach in exploring what works and what doesn’t work all factors considered.

There is no fixed formula for matching colours and the process is largely intuitive. Colour theory however provides a rough guideline of which colours are compatible with which ones.  In the RGB colour model, red-cyan, green-magenta and blue-yellow are considered the complementary colours. The colours red, blue and green are bright, attractive colours and therefore if combined well make for the best engagement photos.

So whether you have chosen to take your photos indoors, in the city, by the beach or in the forest, you can always study the dominant colours in the location and then come up with engagement outfit colours that either contrast well or blend seamlessly with the background to get the best-looking photos.

The following are some illustrations of how you can select your outfit colours to be compatible with the scenery around you for beautiful, colourful photos;

White is a great option for engagement outfits. It is simple, elegant and also has that conspicuous quality that makes it stand out. To wear it best, opt for a location with a variety of background features with different colours. It doesn’t matter whether they are bright or subdued; they all work well in creating contrast that allows the colour white to pop out and make a visual statement.

With backgrounds that are made of subdued colours, you have the option of going with outfits with solid, dark colours. This is because they fade into each other but at the same time the individual qualities of the colours are still visible and distinctive.

For environments that have a lot of details and that have bright, prominent colours that pop out, you are better off going with outfits that have gentler hues or those with subdiued colours. This helps you to avoid clashing colours in a manner that creates dissonance and makes some details indiscernible.

While it is not very easy to take perfect photos in locations where your engagement outfits share similar colour schemes with the background, it’s not entirely impossible. You can always contrast the common colour with other fashion pieces of a similar hue but different colour. This will help create some contrast while also not disrupting the congeniality of the colours. A same-colour outfit can also be worn best when it is totally in contrast to the surroundings.

For backgrounds with sharp, conspicuous colours, you can never go wrong with a few dark, solid colours while contrasting the look with clothes that have vibrant colours. This way, the photos bring out all the details of your dressing and those in the background as well.

You don’t need to wear outfits with colours that are polar opposites just to create some visual distinction. You can both wear darker tones that are slightly different in hue. Accessories also do a good job in creating some distinction of colour. When trying this out though, make sure that the location is bright and sharp so as to create contrast and colour variety.

While it might seem like a very stressful activity, selecting the right engagement outfit with the right colours doesn’t have to give you a migraine. The whole thing is intuitive and all you need to be is mindful, creative and be able to anticipate how different colours will work with others. What is most important is that you select something that makes you happy, and the photographer too. Once that’s done then you are sorted and your engagement photos will be nothing but a pleasure to look back on when reminiscing when you were young and new in love.

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